Kustom Kulture

  • A series coming to Amazon Prime about the lifestyle of Car and motorcycle club enthusiasts

Shooting Up

  • A documentary that is knocking down doors to get answers about the nations opiate crisis 

Got a lead on a story?

Hit me up. I am Gregory Quarles. Director of Kustom Kulture and Shooting up.  1-323-675-0220 or use the button.

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Music Production

Promotion. Recording. Gigs. Branding. Writing. I can help. I am always looking for new music and talented musicians  to help with film projects. Kustom Kulture music is in demand. 

Independent Film Director

I am filming two documentaries. Kustom Kulture  is a series coming to Amazon Prime about Car Clubs, Motorcycle Clubs and the lifestyle. Shooting Up is a new intriguing look at this critical time in America's History. Take an inside look in the world of Heroin and discover once and for all "Is addiction a Disease?"

Film Tour Interviewing YOU!

I find inspiration all around me.  Documentaries are nothing without the people that have unique amazing lives. I am touring the U.S. this summer to film Clubs. Events and Car Builds as well as having  one to one interviews with those affected by Heroin addiction. Contact me if you would like to share your insight!.